Water Watchers of Acadia teamed up with an environmental sustainability class in demonstrating plastic disposable water bottle usage here on campus alone, over the course of only 1 week! Students on or off campus couldn’t help but notice the giant mass of plastic bottles lining this main road! This act once again promoted the many benefits of choosing tap water over the bottle. All bottles used for this demonstration were then sent for recycling. 

Starting at Wheelock Dining Hall, the 'Chain of Consumption' traveled down the hill towards the BAC

Meet at the Gazebo in Waterfront Park (down by the dykes behind Tim Hortons) at 3pm.

This is a culmination of the events hosted by Water Watch Acadia in celebration of World Water Day (March 22nd).  We will be walking our pledge down Main Street and carrying some of our fantastic Back to the Tap posters.  We will end the parade at the Fountain Learning Commons where we will present our Bottle Water Free pledge (which has collected over 400 signatures!) to the university.

The presentation will be followed by a short reception in the Fountain Learning Commons.  Join us for coffee, tea and cookies!

The Water Parade scheduled for 3pm this afternoon has been postponed due to weather.

We will notify everyone as soon as we confirm a new date and time.

“Ban the Bottle: Students Lead Back to the Tap Challenge”

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It’s World Water Day!

Join us for a Toast to Public Water at Wheelock Dining Hall from 5pm-7pm.

Music, fun and prizes!


Full Schedule of events:

Monday (22)- Toast to Public Water at Meal Hall with live music by Chris Morris and t@b, 5-7pm.

Tuesday (23)- A showing of the movie “Thirst: Water Privatization”, 7-9pm BAC 132. Discussion to follow.

Wednesday (24)- Debate: “Should Canadians have a constitutional right to water?”, 7-9pm BAC 132

Friday (26)- “Celebration of Public Water” Parade, meeting at the Pavilion in the Waterfront Park at 3pm, and presentation of the Pledge to VP Student Services and Enrollment Sara Lochhead at 3:30pm on University Hall steps. Reception to follow. Community members and students welcome to join the parade!

Throughout the week, there will be a display of the “Celebration of Water” Photo Contest in the library, along with a model made of plastic bottles by an Art Class here at Acadia.


For updates about this week’s events check out the facebook page.

Check out our new Back to the Tap video.

And check out this new release: “The Story of Bottled Water“.

World Water Day will be celebrated at Acadia University from March 22nd to March 26th with a series of informative and exciting events organised by Water Watch Acadia. This is a culminating point for Water Watch Acadia’s campaign to have Acadia become a Bottled Water Free campus.  A pledge will be available for signing at every event.  For updates visit the facebook event page.

Event Schedule:

Monday (22)- Toast to Public Water at Meal Hall with live music, 5-7pm
Tuesday (23)- A showing of the movie “Thirst”
Wednesday (24)- A debate on “Water for People or Profit?”, hosted by the Debating Society.
Friday (26)- Water Parade down Main St., and presentation of the Pledge

*Throughout the week, there will be a display of the “Celebration of Water” Photo Contest in the library, along with a model made of plastic bottles by an Art Class here at Acadia.

On March 11th, National Bottled Water Free Day, the K.C. Irving Centre announced that it would become the first building at Acadia University to become Bottled Water Free. The Bottled Water Free Zones are part of a student-led campaign to have Acadia become the first small university in Canada to go Bottled Water Free.  Students are campaigning to eliminate the sale and distribution of bottled water and increase tap water access on Canadian campuses as bottled water has vast social and environmental consequences.  We enjoyed music and collected signatures on a pledge in support of Acadia becoming a bottled water free campus when fountains are installed.

To watch a short video put together by SIFE click here.

“Acadia Watches Water” in the Advertsier, March 9th 2010.

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Are you ready?  The Blue Warriors have arrived.

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Our new banner is now hanging proudly in the BAC.  Check it out!